WVN001 Embedding Videoconferencing in your Institution


WVN001:  Embedding Videoconferencing in your Institution


Target Audience: Manager and coordinators responsible for the development of videoconferencing who have the authority to implement the plan produced as part of this workshop.


Time/Duration: A series of three sessions: one face-to-face (3 hours) and two via video (1 hour)


Description: To use videoconferencing effectively and efficiently, institutions need to understand the potential of videoconferencing and implement a support plan that encourages its use. It is essential to have staff members who know how to organise a videoconference. What sort of system do we have and who else can we connect with? How do we book a videoconference? What do we do if something goes wrong? What training is available? How do I motivate colleagues to use it?


Objectives: By the end of the series of workshops, participants will be able to:

• produce a preliminary plan for the effective implementation of VC in their institution

• discuss planning issues associated with delivering and receiving learning using videoconferencing

• use the equipment within the studio

• use the JVCS booking service to book a VC


Cost: FREE to WVN Institutions