Creative Industries in Wales and the importance of the Welsh language within the industry

On the 30th June, 2010, pupils from Ysgol Eifionydd , Porthmadog and Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones in Amlwch met up via videoconference to learn about creative industries in Wales.  The videoconference was organised by Claire Burgess of Careers Wales North West.

Following videoconferencing training with Maldwyn Jones of the Welsh Video Network earlier in the year, I contacted him with regards to support towards the activity we had planned. Careers Wales North West received funding for the project / activity through the Reaching Wider North Wales Partnership.

Why Videoconferencing was chosen:
A videoconferencing activity was chosen as schools in Gwynedd and Anglesey have the equipment already installed at their schools. It is also another avenue that we consider is possible to link schools with employers and agencies due to the financial constraints that face schools when visiting employers / agencies.

Project Objectives:
    * Broaden pupils’ horizons within the field of Creative Industries.
    * Appreciate the Welsh Language and bilingualism as a valuable skill in the field.
    * Be aware of the various jobs available locally and nationally.
    * Identify the various educational paths available for the field.

The Project:
We initially contacted 4 schools inviting them to participate in the activity. On the day, we had 2 schools with a total of 12 pupils. I contacted three individuals from the industry inviting them to participate in the activity – all from different background and jobs to talk about their career paths and educational background (Sue Jeffries; Gethin Evans & David Alan Williams). I also invited Gwen Siôn, Cambrensis Cyf (a Public Relations company based in Caernarfon & Cardiff) to present and lead the activity.

I produced a briefing sheet for the schools and participants beforehand which outlined the activity and its objectives. I also asked the schools to prepare questions for the 3 participants beforehand. These were forwarded to them before the activity.

Careers Wales North West will produce case studies about the participants to be placed on Careers Wales Online ( We will also share a new Labour Market Information sheet about the industry that we’re currently working on to the students, along with information given to us by the participants.

Technical Issues and Support:
Technical support was provided by the Welsh Video Network, which was beneficial and useful. There was a minor technical problem at one of the schools as the start, but this was quickly resolved.

The project met its objectives. We are still waiting for student feedback.

Organiser: Claire Burgess, Careers Wales North West.