Cardiff University PGCE 2011

Initial Teacher Education


Every year in January, full time PGCE students at Cardiff University head out to their respective FE colleges and Universities to gain much needed teaching experience at their teaching placement. In March 2011, the 2010/11 cohort met back up with each other, their tutors and the external examiner to give some creative presentations on the challenges that they face on placement.

Each group of students were given three minutes to put their points across in words, pictures, song, music or role-play; students were encouraged to be humorous and to think of a different way of presenting ideas.

In previous years, students had used TV formats like Mock the Week and Blind Date as a basis for their presentation, others used song, puppets or comedy sketches.

This year’s presentations included : taking an unmotivated student to court; grading different teaching methods against the retention pyramid; the song “When we’re qualified…”; The Eurovision Teaching Contest; Another brick in the wall with Spoon puppets; a cookery programme with a recipe for the perfect lesson, The Harry Potter and Doctor Who approach to teaching and University Challenge.

During this project, the students have an opportunity to experiment with videoconferencing in a safe environment and have fun creating their presentations, whilst focusing on the important issues that they encounter during their teaching placement.