New Customers

We’ve made it as straightforward as possible for you to become a WVN customer. Any public sector organisation in Wales can receive service from us, as a rough guideline if you are not for profit organisation that receives funding from the Welsh Government we should be able to help. We operate on a not for profit basis as a shared service.

The first step is to contact us, under no obligation, so that we can discuss your needs and provide you with a fully costed proposal (scoping document). We can help with the full range of video solutions from PC based desktop systems through to Telepresence systems and can custom design bespoke environments to suit your exact needs. We understand that getting started with videoconferencing can look complicated and needs specialist skills and that’s why we’re available to guide you through and to make the process as straightforward as possible; we’ll work in partnership with you and your internal service delivery teams in a friendly way to make deploying videoconferencing as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can send your initial request by email to or contact our service desk on 0300 6880688. If you’re not sure about whether videoconferencing is suitable for you we can also arrange for you to visit our support centre where we can demonstrate what the technology is capable of and explain fully how we can help to make it easy for you to get started.

Once you have identified that videoconferencing is right for you we will produce, free of charge, a scoping document that will outline in full what we recommend the next stages should be and any costs associated with these. Typically, if you agree to proceed, any work identified in the scoping document and undertaken by us will be charged at our consultancy rate of £400 per day. These steps may involve a full site survey and, if appropriate, engagement with stakeholders to identify detailed requirements and design of a bespoke solution to address those needs. If you accept the work outlined in the scoping document the end result will be a full proposal document for you which outlines our recommendations and clearly lists the total cost to deliver the solution; if appropriate the report will include information on environmental engineering, equipment selection and network engineering. We provide independent advice and are not associated with any particular equipment manufacturer or reseller and we don’t sell videoconferencing equipment or hardware maintenance directly but we will provide you with a quotation from an approved EU procured framework agreement for information. You can order the equipment directly from the framework provider or you can use any supplier that you prefer, we’ll happily engage with any supplier to resolve any technical queries prior to you placing an order with them.

WVN will liaise with any internal service provision teams or your nominated external contractors to resolve any queries that may arise while your location is prepared for installation (environmental engineering) or queries relating to preparing your network to carry live videoconferencing signals. Once your new hardware has arrived it will be installed and fully commissioned according to the planning documents; varying complexities of solution take differing amounts of time to install but the amount of time needed will be clearly identified in the planning documents produced at the beginning of the project.

Once your system is fully operational the next stage is to obtain a support agreement (called a licence) from WVN, costs for this are shown below, this will provide you with access to our services for a full twelve months from the date of installation, these include unlimited:

  • Access to our service desk who will be able to assist with any videoconferencing queries or implement temporary workarounds to get you quickly up and running again
  • Onsite support from our field service team to troubleshoot any problems and install any replacement parts
  • Remote monitoring and proactive support where permitted
  • Installation of software updates where included free of charge by the manufacturer or as part of your maintenance agreement
  • Access to technical training and materials
  • Liaison with any other stakeholder or service provider

Type of system

per year

Basic videoconferencing system support comprising of a display, speakers, microphone, camera and CODEC


Support for all other systems







All prices exclude VAT. Please note that infrastructure equipment may be considered to be a separate system to your videoconferencing system. It is also worth noting that these prices include unlimited access to the services listed including site visits whereas a commercial provider may charge per visit.


To be completely open and honest there are several costs involved in deploying videoconferencing:


What does this provide?

Who do I purchase this from?


Hardware purchase

conferencing equipment and possibly network infrastructure equipment

hardware supplier, possibly through a framework agreement

One off purchase

Hardware maintenance

providing software upgrades and replacement of faulty components

hardware supplier, possibly through a framework agreement

Recurring, usually annually*

Support costs

e.g. installation, configuration, maintenance, upgrade, service desk, on site services

WVN Support Centre†(by licence from Swansea University, our legal entity)

Recurring, annually

Bridging services

e.g. capabilities to connect multiple sites, ISDN gateway, session recording, scheduling, etc

We can advise you on whether your sector has a preferred supplier or subject to eligibility the JANET VideoConferencing Service is a not for profit provider

Recurring, usually annually

ISDN line rental and call charges

A backup should your data network fail or the ability to directly contact other sites that only have ISDN lines.

A telecommunications provider, e.g. BT – note that multiple lines may be required to improve quality and that ISDN is unlikely to provide the same quality achievable over your data network. ISDN is an older technology and most customers will not need direct ISDN connections but we’ll help you to decide if this is necessary for you.

Quarterly or monthly. Line rental per line and usage per line per call.

* there are usually a range of options available for hardware maintenance, we’ll be able to help you select the option this is most suitable for you. If you’re purchasing hardware maintenance from the recommended framework agreement then this means any component of your system will be replaced within 48 hours and we have established procedures for ordering and returning components.
† other support providers are available but it is important to compare providers on a like for like basis. Your sector may have a videoconferencing support service and if this is the case we will make you aware and refer you to them.


We’ve provided this table so that there are no unwelcome surprises and you know what to expect; most customers find that the savings they gain from using videoconferencing quickly provide a return on investment and that having support on hand from WVN is invaluable and often cited as a critical success factor.

And now that you’re up and running we’ll provide training for your technical support staff and also for the people who will use the system if required. If you need assistance or have any queries, at any time, you have the piece of mind of being able to contact our service desk and in the unlikely event of a hardware failure we’ll liaise with your hardware maintenance provider to get a spare part and send a field service engineer to site to replace the component and restore your system to full operation. If you need more training that’s available as and when required on a pay as you go basis.

WVN provides a flexible but complete managed videoconference solution for organisations of any size across the public sector in Wales and has been providing robust, reliable solutions which are fit for purpose since 2001.If you are considering engaging WVN as a service provider and would like to speak to existing customers about their experiences with us then please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll happily put you in touch.