About the WVN

At the Welsh Video Network, our over-arching aim is to make is easy for our customers to deploy video collaboration tools that are reliable, fit for purpose and are deeply embedded to enable our customers to meet the aims of their organisation. Every single session is important to us and making sure this happens is our primary focus.

We work in partnership with our customers, complementing their own service delivery teams to ensure that the specialist skills needed to successfully deploy videoconferencing are available when needed. Through centralising the knowledge in a dedicated centre of expertise we help to ensure value for money and deliver a broader and deeper understanding because videoconferencing is all that we do. We are also able to work more closely with equipment manufacturers and others  to represent the collective interests and needs of our customers; by creating a community we are able to assert significantly more influence than by working alone.

We’re a not for profit service committed to open standards and completely independent of any equipment manufacturer or suppliers. This way we can ensure that customers only deploy the equipment they need, that this equipment is the best fit for what they want to achieve and customers are aware of any entitlement to utilise national services to reduce duplication. We are experts in the complete range of solutions from PC based systems through custom bespoke designs to telepresence and are constantly keeping our skills and knowledge up to date with developments across the industry. Our specialists provide a complete portfolio of services in areas such as environmental engineering, network engineering, infrastructure equipment, procurement, installation, maintenance, skills development, awareness raising and how to successfully embed video technology across an organisation.  Through our network of field service engineers we are able to rapidly provide complete geographic coverage of Wales helping to reduce overall maintenance costs and ensuring that any faults are rapidly resolved.

We work closely with other public sector video service teams, such as Health Solutions Wales, to help our customers successfully achieve cross sector connections and deliver an end to end service. We also have strong links with the JANET VideoConferencing Service who provide scheduling, multipoint, gateway, recording and streaming  facilities to many of our customers and with the PSBA team who provide network connectivity.

We are committed to the Welsh language, all of our services are available bilingually, we provide a simultaneous interpretation solution and work to promote Welsh language interfaces with equipment manufacturers and suppliers.