Welcome to the Welsh Video Network, home of public sector videoconferencing in Wales

As use of videoconferencing across Wales increases month on month it’s clear that videoconferencing and the unique way it is supported in Wales is making a big difference. Each day our customers rely on WVN supported equipment to meet their organisational objectives and their uses are endless,  administration, cross sector collaboration, research, curriculum enrichment, primary delivery of education, event participation, interviews, engagement, service delivery; internally within organisations, between organisations and across the globe. Find out more about how videoconferencing is being used in our Case Studies section.

At WVN our aim is to make it easy for public sector organisations across Wales to access reliable video collaboration tools that support our customers in improving efficiency, changing the way we work, meeting environmental considerations, and in improving service delivery in innovative ways.  If you’re a public sector organisation in Wales looking to deploy videoconferencing or just to see what videoconferencing could do for you then you’ve come to the right place, as a one-stop shop for everything videoconferencing we’re sure to be able to help and we’ll clearly and impartially outline what’s available under no obligation. We are funded by the Welsh Government, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales and through customer subscription; we’re location independent serving the entire geography of Wales.

Every working day, across the depth and breadth of Wales, our solutions are having a positive impact.

With over ten years of experience in all aspects of videoconferencing we have a proven track record in delivering success and as a not for profit organisation we can focus on making a real difference where it counts. At WVN we take videoconferencing personally and it’s important to us that every session is a success. You can find more about us including how to get our help, how we are funded and what we do in the About Us section.